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Trumershoppe offers a wide range of quality nutritional, healthcare and other products at competitive prices to our members. We are constantly reviewing our products range and adding more products to our store for the convenience of our members.

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GREEN 18w T8 LED Tube Light

Precious-Hair Rebonding / Korean Digital Perm / Colouring

9w Efficient LED Energy Saving Lamp

Digital Japanese Perm

Hydrating Facial Treatment Special offer (1st Trial)

Gt-M -12w LED Panel Light (N/P RM 25 each)

Gt-M - 9W Ultrathin LED Panel Light ( NP RM 20 each)

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Personal Care Gift Set

Adventist Bread delivered to your doorstep

KIDZ SHIELD Natural Insect Repellent Spray

TruCare Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap With NCS and VCO

Trumer White Flower Plus

TruCare Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Meal in minutes - Tempura Fish & Potato Chips

TruCare Nano Silver Toothpaste

Safety Jogger Best Light ( 100% Aunthentic)

Halal Tilapia Fillet in Ginger and garlic sauce

Halal Tilapia Fillet with Sambal Tumis Sauce

Halal Tilapia Fillet with Spicy Tumeric Sauce

2 Carton Fruit Juice (48 bottles)

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